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We offer various courses and packages and they each are priced differently. Pricing details of driving lessons can be found under Course & Package Menu

The Road User Handbook covers the main rules you need to know to drive legally and safely on NSW roads. To access a copy please click on the link below:

Road User Handbook

We have flexible schedules that every student can fit into.

Simply book a lesson by sending text to 0409 101 802 or contact us via our website.

If you’re under the age of 25, you will need to complete 120 hours of supervised driving with a supervisor or licensed driving instructor.

There are two ways you can record your hours:

  • the paper log book – given to you when you get your learner licence, or
  • one of the digital log book apps accepted by Transport for NSW and Service NSW.

You do not have to complete a Learner Driver Log Book if you:

  • are 25 or over
  • previously held a NSW or interstate driver licence (other than a learner licence)
  • previously held an overseas licence (other than a learner licence)
  • hold an overseas licence (other than a learner licence) and are issued with a learner licence after failing one driving test
  • are specifically exempted by Transport for NSW.

If a New Driver doesm’t pass the test, he may be required to retake the course.

Booking a driving lesson is easy

Please send a text or contact via our website to book a lesson